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Why our India is known as incredible India

Our India is very beautiful and incredible because they have too much diversity. The peoples of India are unique and serve humankind. The land of our country is so beautiful it looks like a heaven.  From the Indian Ocean to Himalayan, Thar desert to mountains of Sikkim. The country contains all the beautiful sights and the corner.  India is especially known for its diversity. Diversity in food, diversity in language, diversity in occasions, diversity in lifestyle, diversity in regions, diversity in state and diversity in every culture.   The peoples of the India represent itself in the whole world. 
The people of the foreign and of another country visit to India. India is the democratic country; their peoples choose their leaders according to their needs.  The peoples of the India are an independent and self-dependent. India is that country; their peoples change themselves according to the different locations.  Every region and every state have their heritage and beauty. Every state …

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