Holi In India: Celebration or Pollution

Holi In India: Celebration or Pollution

It is a known fact of Holi being the occasion for the arrival of Spring season, however the color used for celebration of this huge day is causing several environment related problem. Like any other festival involving public at large, Holi is also being commercialized and has become a main problem for keeping pollution in check.

How do they do it?

They are actually we indirectly, directly they are chemicals like lead oxide, mercury or sulphate all are poisonous and can cause problems like soil erosion, skin problems. Apart from chemical problems there are other problems like water pollution or wastage of water and use of wood.

Some spiritual leader used around 41 tankers of water, and in the same year more than 100 farmers did suicide because of draught, Being traditional or following tradition is good but doing something to help other is more important I guess.

In the Eve of Holika Dahan Bon fire is burnt to make it symbolic, however little did people care is about the amount of wood they waste in this event.

Chemicals detail

Let’s discuss what color causes what and some technical jargons mostly chemical name:-

Red color

·        Made of Mercury Sulphite
·        Can cause skin cancer
·        Can cause minamata Disease (Mental Disease)

Purple Color

·        Made of Chromium Iodide
·        Can Cause Bronchial Asthama
·        Most of allergies are caused of this chemical

Silver Color

·        Made of Aluminium  Bromide
·        Can cause Carcinogenic problem (Cancer)

Black Color

·        Is made of harmful Lead oxide
·        Causes Renal Failure
·        Mental weakness and growth problems like learning disability

Green Color

·        Made of Copper Sulphate
·        Causes Eye Allergy
·        And may lead to temporary visionless

Harmful chemicals in Gulal

Dry Color or Gulal is made of toxic which is colorant and silica or asbestos base both of which can cause health related problems (mostly skin problems but asthma is also being caused because of these harmful metals).

What Action government is doing for this?

It is one of the cultural fact of India that people are very sensitive to culture and religion and hence there is not much room for strict actions, however a plea is being made to public to make a eco friendly Holi using less water and chemical colors.
Natural color is gaining popularity in citizens and hence is helping the purpose and many NGOs are making sure to motivate people on using such options at large. I would like to urge all reader to prefer a safe and environment friendly celebration. Happy Holi


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