Spirituality In India: A Gift To The World, But Crises Within -II

“People know the true worth of something, not when it is with them, but when it is lost”
This is one of the weird facts of India rather Indians, We start things but we fail to develop or change it with time. Examples are all over the globe; Indians started the civilization and developed the first colony but they were invaded by west on the basis of unmodern colonies (mentioned in one of the historical references include Subhash Chandra Bose), Discovered science, mathematics, number system, botany, cotton, or steel. But we are not the producer of fastest computer, Mathematicians, or Steel for that sake.

Same is with the spiritual teachings, this is also form one of the baseline facts of India. The nation taught the world to regain the mental conscious when angry and to use that energy however it is a bitter truth that the country itself is lost in dilemma to maintain peace among citizen.

How does it matter?

It does matter not directly but it does. In the good old days the violence level was high only at the time of crises and war, but now the time has changed things like killing for money or penny, rapes, communal violence, and many other forms of unsocial activities has covered this country still known for its peaceful methods (another classic from the facts of India)

You may be thinking how does spirituality comes into play? Not directly as I said but spirituality comes from religious practice mainly with people dedicated to practice their religion one is ought to practice the soul meditation forms in every major religion in India. These practices are however nowadays molded.

India is a nation where religion and culture are considered to be sensitive issue, one can see how politicians or other antisocial ailments use these issues to create either a vote bank or communal riots, it has been observed in the past. Spiritual practices are made for enlighten of the soul not for mean purposes.


Spiritual teachings are interlinked to the social education and the country is lacking in the same. One more fact of India is that people are losing sensitivity to help others which is the most basic work of a spiritual student or rather teacher.

Indians are living under the phenomenon of divide and rule policy from the time of British rule and same has been continued by the other rulers and leaders. The people are however getting educated on these issues by various organizations and teachings and we hope that this ailment will soon be found only in history books.


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