Best And Worst Facts Of India For Travel And Tourism

Best And Worst Facts Of India For Travel And Tourism

India has a traditions, with many temples, mountains and sanctuaries. It is well-known for its stunning tourist locations, hillsides, waterways, plains, beaches, deltas and many high quality hotels and resorts, attractive nature sites and whether it is Ajanta Ellora or Taj Mahal the love monument which comes under 7 wonders of globe. From traditions to cultures to nature to adventure to man-made sceneries, It has the most wonderful array of travel goods and locations to offer to the travelers throughout the entire world.

Best facts Of India

India is also known for its seasonal festival, it is full of celebrations. People have great trust in god. The best point about India is the variety in Indian lifestyle and religions. It has around 400-500 temple with excellent architectural mastery & a story regarding each temple. So many belief systems and so many people, but still individuals of different religions enjoy festivals with good enthusiasm like they are honoring their own. If you go and check out temples in India, you will really feel so holistic & nature impact which is memorable. Once in India you would benefit yourself for collecting knowledge as to various religious truth and importance of them in peace in your life.

Worst facts of India

India's tourism sector has lack of worker. Lack of accommodation, dirty rooms and food difficulties affect tourists who come to India. Many locations in the interior of the nation are not well-connected by proper streets or railways. Excessive documentation also delays new motel and transport projects.

Travellers are often taken advantage of economically, and criminal things in India can make visits to India dangerous for women and seniors tourists. The tourist points of interest in India are also being harmed by pollution. Oil refinery smoke is harming the Taj Mahal, while environments of the coasts and the Himalayas are being badly affected by pollution.


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