Political Drama, Isn't It All Looks Like Arvind Kejrival's Publicity Stunt!!!

PoliticalDrama, Isn't It All Looks Like Arvind Kejrival's Publicity Stunt!!!

India is the largest democracy in this world, and as the metaphor goes “With great power comes great responsibility”. However, In India it all means that with massive population come great chances of fraud. The nation has been home for corruption, usually having at least one politician involved and nothing less than 100 crores in Indian currency counts as a good income for them. Anyways this is the second largest country with one of the highest growth rate and largest youth population, so politics has reached a very new level with the heir to the throne Rahul Gandhi, The king of development Narendra Modi and The AAM Aadmi (Common Man) Mr. Arvind Kejriwal coming to the combat.

Arvind kejriwal however is from zero political experience and more of a talkative person who speak rather without backup or any thinking, well no one can be sure is it just another trick or is he really that voice without brains.


Arvind kejriwal got attention after raising joining NGO and co heading the demand for RTI with Manish Sisodia and Abhinandan Sekhri, soon after that pinned in with Anna Hazare for creation of a strong Jan Lokpal Bill and was even arrested for it. He created a very good image through this and was part of many interviews.


November 2012 was the month when Kejriwal jumped into the once he called the jungle of corruption, politics, amidst his much speeches in which he use to say he won’t join politics but well this is not the first thing he did out controversial. After joining politics he won the legislative election of Delhi and sworn that he will never form a collaborated government.

Yeah, he did form, with congress.

Is it all political?

Many call it a publicity stunt and more than that believe it. The controversial Guru did not stop here, many things like subsidizing things, more dharnas, and a weird belief that only he is right no one else. It does create a lot of chaos in media and psychologically leaves a mark in the judgment of a voter. The man always says he doesn’t like politics and don’t wana get political, but also believed that being the CM he can do many good things.

My personal favorite is the bungalow he asked for.

Why did he resign then? He resigned and said that his only motive is to remove corruption. Not after his patriotic speech came another scandal which shown him patronizing media persons, wow!!

After all this doing he still says it’s nothing political, I guess the national election will soon answer it all.


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