Incredible Indian Invention, Hidden From World

Incredible Indian Invention, Hidden From World

India is the most popular country of the world. Also in respect of the population, India is placed after china. There are too many Indian scientists, which are working on the various international project of the world. In the NASA, there are too many Indian scientist works on the various upcoming projects. There are various new invention occurs in India. Some of the best invention of India, which is unknown to the world we are discussing.

The Indian invention-The unknown invention for the world

TrueHb Hemometers:

Amber Shrivastava is not a scientist; he is an upcoming scientist. He is a post graduate student of biomedical science and studying in the (Indian institute of technology) IIT. The haemoglobin found in the RBC (red blood corpuscles) found in the blood.  He invents a meter to check the level of haemoglobin. So, he named it the haemoglobin meter. There are various medical instruments available in the market to check the level of the haemoglobin. But he invented a meter, which is of the mobile size, which can easily place in your pocket. This instrument is validated by a renowned medical institute (AIIMS). It is beneficial because you can check the anemia by this device.

There is the large number of the maternal death you can see in the world by the anemia. Even no one device is portable, which is used for the anemia but the haemoglobin meter, is a portable device. It is beneficial to the hospitals, medical institutes, the school health scheme of the government, the health centre, numerous blood banks and many more. There are too many haemoglobin detected devices are costly about 25,000 rupees while the price of this one is not so high. The IIT and the AIIMS was set up a combined business enterprise in 1971, to give the fund for the different medical inventions. The haemoblobin meter is named again as the True Hb Hemometers.

There are various different traits of it are given below:

·        It is accurate device having a battery, which is rechargeable and you can work for 6 months or also you can take the 300 tests.
·        It shows the result in 45 seconds only.
·        It is painless.
·        A self-testing system enclosed inside it.
·        It is easy to use.

India is also a part of the world in giving the various facilities. The latest invention of India that changed the view of the whole world what they think about the India. There are various different inventions of the India, which can use in our daily life. All the invention of the India makes the India to do the proud. These are the straightforward invention of the daily life. The top 10 invention of that field are given as under:-

The 10 great inventions by the Indians:

1.      Cotton Gin:  it is an amazing machine, which is used to separate the cotton from their seeds in a short duration of time. You can separate the cotton in an extremely fast way. It is a latest invention by Ajanta caves and the Indians.

2.      Button: here we are talking about the button of the clothes.  It is a small used to hold 2 sides of a cloth steadily. Each and everyone on the earth are benefitted by this invention.  There is also another button invention, which was invented by the Mohenjo-Daro about five thousands year ago, by the Indians in Indus valley. In the present time, the button is made by the use of the sea shell while the modern buttons are more convenient to use, which are made up of the plastic.

Steel or Carburized steel:

The ancient Indians had the great knowledge of the metals. They all are the masters of manufacture the steel products of different types, 2,000 years before when the Michael faraday and the other scientist of Britain and Europe start to investigate. From Greece to the Persia, from the Arabia to the rome, Indian steel was the basis of astonishment to many different civilization. How can you imagine about the quality of the products? The great Alexander give the gift to the king porus after the gold and silver. The old Indian method of making the steel is the basis of today’s steel production company. India becomes a leader in all over the world in the field of metallurgy again.

1.      Indians invented yet the different kind of steel. The European called it as the crucible steel.

2.     Ink: it is called as the India ink, which is a simple black ink and widely used for the different purposes such as writing, for drawing purpose. That was invented by the Indians in the late 4th century BC.

3.     Playing cards:  of course!!! These cards originated in the ancient India.

4.     Rulers: it is a geometrical instrument commonly called as the scale, used to measure the lengths. By the use of scale, you can make the straight lines. The drawing straight lines also invented by the Indians around 1500 BC.

5.     Snakes and the ladder: it is the most famous game in the all over the world. It was originated in India. It was introduced as the game of mortality and after that it is widespread in all over the world. In that game, you have to play with some ladders and some snakes.

6.     Zero: without zero, the mathematics is incomplete. It is one of the most popular inventions of India. The Indian mathematician Aryabhata invented the zero. How can you work with math without zero, imagine that a cheque of 1000 $ without zero. It is another gift of India to the world.

7.     The yoga and Ayurvedic medical: in the each and every part of the world, the yoga is promoted and the Ayurvedic medical is one of the ancient medical sciences. Yoga and the Ayurvedic medical is a science of India. It was invented by the Indian saints thousands of years ago. The yoga and the Ayurvedic medical are so popular in India and also in all over the world.

8.     Iron:  all over the world knows it that iron is used in making of the various utensils and many more manufacturing products, was also first done by the Indians. Iron initiated from the early Vedic period and the expertise was then accepted by the whole world. That means India is responsible to the better world. There are also too many inventions that are used widely in the whole world.  

ISRO Discovered Water On the Moon:

In between year 2008 to 2009, the India contributes to the world by the essential researches of the NASA and the ISRO.  The ISRO- Indian Space Research Organization with the chadrayaan-1 dedicates the first lunar mission.  The PSLV- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle of the ISRO conceded both of the instrument -the NASA instruments and the ISRO instrument. The moon impact probe of India is first detected the presence of the water on the planet moon. It is before 3 months, when the moon mineralogy mapper of NASA, which is also, was a part of the chandrayan-1 find the same lunar water on the planet moon. Most of the scientist in the research team of the NASA is the Indians.

The Indians achieve the great success in each and every aspect of the technology. The NASA director Jim Green stated that he want to thank for all the Indians who contribute in their mission and thanks to ISRO (Indian space research organization). It is assumed that the surface of moon planet would be very dry and there are too many rocks on that planet.
The Upanishads of the India is full of the knowledge of all aspect of life and all aspect of the different technology.  Well known German persons like Albert Einstein, the Nazi scientists and many more different scientists who migrated to united state of America, were keen students of the Indian text Upanishad. These Upanishad were read by these scientists around 20th century.

In the Upanishad:

 After read the Upanishads, they invent most of the things. In the 20th century, they invent the nuclear technology, the various space rockets, numerous jet engines and the different mind control technologies, there are too many different inventions and the discoveries are examined in the Indian texts. There are different types of science were given in the ancient text of India. The India is one of the most famous countries because of their science and their contribution to all over the world. Albert Einstein’s quantum theory was also the result of their reading of the Indian old text.  That’s why India is called as the land of Vedas, which contains the different factors to live the better life and the various facts of the science.

There are various proofs that show the importance and the need of India in all over the world is given below:

 According to the Wheeler Wilcox, the electronics, radium, different airships, the electricity and many more things are the seer who founded the Vedas.  The Indian Bengali scientist Satyendra Nath Bose is one of the great unheralded heroes of the modern science in the 20th century.  His work is responsible for the foundation of the quantum statistics, which were later created, developed by the Albert Einstein, who get the noble prize in 2001 for physics, was awarded to the German and the American scientist. After the Bose, the God Particle by the higgs boson, is known to the higgs particles, is yet named after the bose, they give the thanks, for their ground breaking contribution to the particle physics.

Ø  According to the P. John stone, the gravitation was first known by the Indians before the birth of the Newton. Same as the blood circulation system in which they define the flow of the blood in the body through different organs goes to the heart is known by the Indians by their Ayurvedic science before the Harvey describes it.

Radio communication and the wireless communication:

There are different types of wireless technologies we have today.  The Guglielmo Marconi has been credited for their invention of wireless radio communication. He also got the great noble prize in 1909 for their discovery of the wireless telegraphy. But the first public demonstration of the radio waves in the communication was by an Indian scientist known as the Jagdish Chandra Bose.

In the 1895, in Calcutta region of India, he demonstrates the radio communication 2 years before the Marconi. More than a period of century, Bose has been belated attributed for their achievement. The wireless technology used in the various different types of the technology such as the mobile telephones, the radars, in the satellite communications, Wi-Fi technology, the radio and the television broadcast, the various remote control, and the too many different applications that used in our daily life.

Ø  According to the daily chronicle, England in 1896, the J.C. Bose has transmit the signals to a distance of nearly a mile and herein lies the first and the obvious and very essential application of the theoretical amazing thing. There is the need of the zero, which is one of the most essential inventions of all the time. It is the best contribution of India in the math and the science.
Ø  According to the Lancelot Hogben, in the history of math, there has been no more radical step than the one, which India made by develop the zero. The calculus credited to Isaac Newton and the Gottfried Leibniz, were develop in India before the discovery of calculus, by the Indian mathematicians. Similarly, the other method called the Pythagoras theorem in Greece, which developed in India before the century. Dr. David Gray stated that due to colonialism, the contribution of the India ignored, even they distorted that they were misattributed as a European.

Hydraulic engineering:

 In the period of Indus valley civilization, more than five thousand years ago, India has created an advanced network of the different and beautiful canals; across the canal they create the irrigation. They also created the water management system and the sewage system. The sewage system was advanced as they cleared automatically by self clear system blockages as well as account for smell and odor.

 The first flush toilet of the world was also prepared in the Indus valley around three thousand years ago in the Indus valley, which was the largest ancient civilization in all over the world.

Ø  American author David Hatcher Childress stated that, the sewage system of ancient India was so complicated that they were still more advanced than the many different developing countries today.

Before the creation of the roman baths, in the Indus valley civilization, there were large numbers of public baths. It is a wonder to modern day researcher that the cities were highly developed and advanced and the best city planning than the present time. The canal system of Indus valley was too old than the Isambard kingdom Brunel in the 19th century. The Indus valley civilization was the one of the best in the largest economy of the world.

Ø  Edmund burke a British supporter of American revolutionaries condemned that the British damaged the whole India. British are dominant and they dominate on India and steal not only the money but also their science, their knowledge, their trust.  India had that amount of money that can utilize by thousands of the years. The India was so rich and prosperous and the self sufficient country.  Mr. me kale was the first British person who came to know the condition of India said that all the people of India are prosperous and trusty. No one can dominate in this country without breaking their trust.

Various other types of the essential factors about the invention and the discoveries in India are given below:

According to THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION by American author will Durant, India is the gift for a whole world, it gives the numerous essential things like grammar and logic, the philosophy and fables, games like chess, hypnotism process, all the numeral and the decimal system.  India was the mother of the world and the language Sanskrit is the mother of the languages of Europe. India was the mother of our philosophy, our culture, mother by the Buddha, of the morals personified in Christianity. India was the mother through the village communities of the democracy. There are so many different achievement of India feel proud as a beginner of most of the things all over the world. India is the mother of all countries.

Indian numeral system or the Hindu numeral system:

The numbers or the figure you can write on a cheque was incomplete if you have not these numbers. It is the only India that invented the numbers. The Arabic numerals are also from the India, the Arab trader trade from India and then they develop the skill and learn the numerals in India. Then, they bought mathematical concept of India to the west. These Indian numbers replaced unwieldy by the numeral system of roman, which is now used in the west.  Albert Einstein said that we are thankful to all of the Indians who taught us the method of count even no scientific discovery made.

Different theorem and the methods of mathematics is influence by the Indian calculation. No. of methods of math have their routes in India. There were too many foreign scholars came to India; they all learn the invention and the discoveries of India even from the philosopher of Greek to the mathematician of the Arab, from the British to the Nazi.

As the Ludwig von shreoder condemned that most of the philosophical doctrine and all the mathematic method include Pythagoras theorem are resultant of the Indian text.

Contribution to the western philosophy:

Many of the scholars of the different countries pointed out the contribution of the India. The Greeks and the Romans were work on the Indian technology in the field of farming, town planning and their civilization. The Indian Vedas is full of all the knowledge of most of the world. They consist of the knowledge about how to live a better life. 

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