Five Most Haunted Places In Mumbai Which Will Spook You All, Stories Situated With Them

Five Most Haunted Places In Mumbai Which Will Spook You All, Stories Situated With Them

When we hear the name of Mumbai the only thing which comes through our mind is glamour, luxury, high society, celebrities and city that never sleeps but have we ever thought of someone who never sleeps in this sleepless city. You would not believe that there are some places in this city which will spook you out even in days. I am going to take you all a small tour in some so called places listed as haunted places in Mumbai through my words and I will try to write to be as practical as possible.

The Cursed Room At The Grand Paradi Tower

The list starts with the Grand Paradi Towers which is positioned in the middle of the city at Kemp’s corner. When you will visit the place you will be astonished to see the building and the area because it is located in one of the posh area of the city but the flat in the eight floor has not been sold for almost twenty years. This is supposed to be haunted after more than twenty unexplainable accidents have been recorded since the building was constructed in 1979. One of the most horrible incidents was recorded in 2004, when an old couple committed suicide and not only the incident stretched itself to more lives. Their children and grandchildren were dead within the year itself. The residents were not able to explain such incidents which has ended the three generations altogether and not only that many more incidents were recorded like the suicidal accidents of children and even maids. These things cannot be explained easily. After the series of gruesome incidents, the flat has remained unoccupied. The reason behind these incidents is unexplainable because we do not have any proofs and we cannot say that those people were mentally disturbed. It seems like the flat was not able to welcome anything living.

Fig: The Grand Paradi Towers

Mukesh Mill, The Possession Story

Now the number two in my list is the famous Mukesh Mills, which has been shut down in 1980. This is an enormously abandoned mill which is now an attraction for the film industry. This mill will display the real picture of how a haunted place looks like. Film industry has always considered the mill a perfect set for a horror movie. But the reality is that people no longer wither around this mill because this mill is considered to be haunted and even the bravest man has not entered this mill after dawn. There is no concrete story about this mill but there have been incidents which has made this mill abandoned. The most famous incident is about an actress who was with her crew member. During the shoots, she was believed to be possessed because she began to speak in a masculine voice and she warned them to leave the mill or else face the consequences. After this event the film industry has decided to leave the mill to the people who have been staying there for god knows how many years and what really had happened in this mill that the unworldly residents are still occupying the mill and scaring the people out the mill.

  Fig: Mukesh Mill

Aarey Milk Colony, The Spooky Greenary

When you see a open green lands stretched widely, you will definitely want to spend some time alone or with your dear and near ones from your busy schedule but the people of Mumbai would rather stay home then to pay a visit to the vast and green and lustrous Aarey Milk Colony, which is one of the most green and open space in Mumbai. People generally visit this place so that they can spend some quite time and the film industry will come to capture the greenery here but no one will dare to stray here during night. The colony was set up for the Aarey dairy employees in 1949 situated in the Goregaon east in Mumbai. The issue of this greenery and the reason for my compiling it to my third list is that people have felt unusual and unexplainable ghostly appearances. The place is no doubt a picturesque place but because of its unusual appearances people have decided not to disturb the place which has been already chosen for wandering by some paranormal occupants.

  Fig: Aarey Milk Colony

The Tower Of Silence, Known As The Land Of Death

Religion is a different sphere and every religion has their different norms and customs. Our nation is such a strong body which has been holding so many religion altogether and Parsi are among them. You might be wondering why I am talking about religion when from the very beginning I am talking about the haunted places in Mumbai. But I do have a reason to write about religion here because ‘The Tower of Silence’ is listed as the fourth haunted place in my list which is situated in the Malabar Hills in South Mumbai. The Tower of Silence is the place where the Parsis leave their dead bodies to be feasted on. Parsis believe that the only last thing left after their death is to leave their body unattended so that their body can be eaten up. Their notion behind this custom can be holy but the place where their bodies are dumped is known as the Tower of Silence and people do not dare to enter the place because they know that they will face some unusual appearances. It is a fact that people generally are not willing to enter a cemetery, so why would a person enter a place where human bodies are eaten up.

   Fig: The Tower Of Silence

The Well, Story Of The Undisturbed Lady

A simple question, can you live in a locality where you know that a lady roams around but not only a simple lady, a lady who is already dead. The question seems obnoxious but you should ask the same question to the people who are living in the D’Souza Chawl Mahim. They will answer that they are used to the ghostly apparition because the lady which appear does not seem to hurt or cause any harm to the residents. The story behind is about a woman who has lost her life in the well when she was trying to get the water. It was a melancholy incident. The lady generally comes into the vision when the sun goes home and the darkness strikes. The resident of the Chawl are not afraid of her because they knew that she is not harmful in any form and the reason might be delivered that her death was not caused by someone else, she died accidently and may be that is why she do not harm any resident. It’s spooky to know that people are living normally even though there is a member in the society who is not of this world.

  Fig: The Well  


 It is strange that places which are haunted are famous even we know that people generally do not consider to visit a haunted place. Every city has a story of its own and so thus Mumbai. The only picture which comes when we hear the name of Mumbai is the city of dreams and opportunities but here we have some places or let’s calls it as some opportunities to meet and feel the unusual and unexplainable apparition. The thing about the haunted places is that people get more interested and curious about the place and they endeavor it and the result is, we who are left behind get more interesting stories to be told.

 Even this is true that there are many made up stories but I dare you all, you all will not find any made up stories above these places because these are not newly made up haunted places, there are series of horrified incidents which are in recorded form and these cannot be untrue. Haunted places are always been the most interested topic for the people because these things like horrible sound or cries, apparitions, spooky feelings, foul smell, etc are not explainable and this things are new for us because we do not have any concrete proofs for this things and this things will always be interesting for us until and unless we have a conclusion.

We know that this thing are not scientifically explainable and they disapprove of such things but we know that there are things in this universe which cannot be explained in any scientific form but their existence is true in every from and this formula works same for the haunted places which I have listed above. These places might have been not in such shape in the very beginning because these places are not meant for haunting people, these places were set up just like normal buildings but unfortunately they have ended in such situation.

If we look through a different lens, it’s really sad for these places and for those people who are blended together through the course of time and the most melancholy part is the souls are trapped in this world. It is sad for them that even after death they are chained down here. It might be horrible for them to be among us humans. We think that they are the problems and we have always consider such things as unholy and scary but have we ever thought about them, about their souls and about their laments. 

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