Something Is Wrong With My Room… "My Haunted Hostel Room"

Something Is Wrong With My Room…

I was trying to manage my mix feelings of leaving home and starting a new life in the city. The college hostel was filled up so I have to look for some other means. My father had taken some days off from his office to accompany me to the city and return back after my settlement. He was worried for me because I have never been alone and on the contrary I did not get the college hostel. After few days of scavenger hunt, we found a hostel run by few nuns. It seems like a huge house which was turned into a hostel. By hook and crook I got a room as most of the rooms were filled up but at the end an application was removed as the student have not noticed anything for the arrival. My father was relieved and he left for home in the same evening. It was a touchy moment for me as I have never been in the situation where my father has to leave me alone. I cried the whole night as I was missing home a lot. I was alone that night because my roommate was coming the other day. I woke up early and my eyes were puffy because of the lack of sleep and I could still feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt nauseated and I did not want to leave the room at all but suddenly my phone beeped and I saw my father’s calling. I talked to him and then I strengthen myself and pack up my backs and walk towards my college.

I felt good after attending the class and when I returned hostel, my roommate jenny, was already there unpacking her stuffs. She was from the different department but she was friendly and soon we began to have a fun time together. Everything was going happy and gay.

After few weeks we began to hear some noises from the next room at late nights but we often ignored it but then it was a Saturday night, we were chatting and then suddenly we heard someone calling out our names. We were startled because it was late but somehow we kept our feelings behind and we open the door to look for the person but the whole corridor was empty and there was pin drop silence. We were sure that someone had called our names but again we avoided it. We did not sleep the whole night. We slept whole day like a baby. It was night again and we were making our beds for the sleep and then suddenly we heard our names. This time jenny just wide opened the door and ran out to look for the person but it was empty as usual. We were wide awake the whole night, my eyes were hurting but I did not have the courage to close my eyes and we do not even dare to talk to each other. The very morning we went down to the warden’s room to complain about the noises. We complained her that some girls are scaring us during the late hours and because of that we are not able to get proper sleep. Warden was certain that she will look through the matter and she promised that this would not happen again.

During the breakfast, warden made an announcement that if she found anyone doing that again then the student will be terminated from the hostel. I and jenny were relieved and we went for our classes. We returned and as usual we were gossiping then suddenly someone just knocked on the, door like the person was going to break it. We jumped up from our places. And then there was silence, there was not a single knock again. We called up our neighbours and we told them everything. They told us that there must be someone who is messing around with us so we have to just complain to the warden tomorrow. Next morning we again went down to the warden’s but she was out, so we drop the issue and went for our classes.

We had a long day so jenny and I slept off little early without even gossiping for the day. I know I was in a sound sleep but suddenly I felt a cold so I turn the other side to take my blanket which is always kept folded on the sideways. My eyes were half open, I took the blanket and I saw that jenny was on her study table. I looked at her and she was smiling at me, I smiled back and wanted to ask, why she was still up, but I do not wanted to kill my sleep so I just turned back again. I was again going to my deep sleep but I felt someone lying next to, this time I wide opened my eyes and saw that jenny was sleeping next to me, I bit my lips. I turned back and saw that jenny was still smiling at me.

I cannot feel my skin and I can only hear my heart beating like a drum. I was so scared that my voice was not coming out. I was drenched with my own sweat. I was so scared that I closed my eyes and began to take the name of every possible Gods and Goddess. I remain like that for God knows how many hours and I drowned in my own fear.

I woke with the sound of opening the door. Jenny was coming with the breakfast. I pulled myself up but was still in fear. Jenny sat near me and told me that I was shaking the whole night so she slept next to me. She got breakfast for me and few medicines, and she told me to take rest for the day and she would try to come back soon. I just could not tell her anything. She left and I got up and took a shower to freshen up my mind. It is possible that it might be a bad dream so I just began to start something else. I have never been alone in the hostel as I have never missed my classes, today I felt something unusual.

I tried reading newspaper and tried reading some tinkles but my mind was not taking in anything inside. My mind was still fixed on the smiley face of jenny, the way she was smiling at me; I just could not erase that face. I was still trying to overcome that face and was waiting for jenny. Suddenly a knock on the door and I was relieved. I opened the door but instead of jenny there was an army man standing in front of me. He was asking for someone, I was unable to catch what he was saying. He was aged and his eyes were vacant and he was continuously asking for some person. I told him that he might have come to the wrong place so I told him that this is a girl’s hostel. He apologised in his most humble manner and went downstairs. I looked through my window and saw no one to leave through the main gate.

I went downstairs to speak to the warden about it but on the stairs I saw a lady which was wiping the floor. I asked her if she has seen someone going down. She told me that how can it be possible for a man to enter the girls room in the girl’s hostel. I told her that there was a man in my room asking for someone. As soon as I finished telling her everything, she was looking at me as if she has seen something gruesome. She hushed me suddenly and told me not to tell anybody inside me. She told me that this place once belongs to some army personnel who had a son but the wife died when the child was still very small. The son was usually looked after by the nanny because he have to leave the house quite often for his duty and when the boy was old enough to take care of everything his visit to house become lesser by years.

Everything was demanded was given to the boy and there was servants serving him all the hours but everything went wrong when a servant girl committed suicide in the very room where jenny and I was staying. Reasons were unknown till now. He came and took his son and sold the house to the nuns and converted into a hostel. I was shocked to hear all this but the helper lady promised me not to tell her anybody because anybody will come to know then she will lose her job. She took my promise and continues to wife the stairs.

My feet were frizzed. I took some deep breath and went to college to inquire about the available rooms. Some rooms were available as students have not turned up for it. I called up jenny to meet me in the canteen and told her everything. We wrote application for the available room and shifted on the very day. I wanted to tell her to the other hostellers also but they have not been complaining about anything so it might be just for that particular room.

Now we have shifted to the college hostel and it’s been quite a few days here but I wonder what had actually happened in that house. Jenny and I would often talk about it but not in the night because we are still trying to overcome those incident and I often joke that what will we do if the other jenny plans to pay a visit here again in our room. 

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