The Evil Twin Sister’s Story “Woh Kaun Thi”

The Evil Twin Sister’s Story “Woh Kaun Thi”

The world of entertainment is the best thing for a tired person and the best way to escape some few cruel some moment of life and movie is supposed to be the best thing that helps to relax a tired mind and the body as well. Bollywood is the heartthrob for us Indians, there would not have any citizen in this country that is not a diehard fan of some celebrity. Indian movies are not just famous in India but are even watched all over the world and so many of them have received honorary awards. Bollywood is a perfect medium to understand the Indian mentality and the society because Indians are as colourful and as troublesome as the movies itself. Indian cinema is famous for its ingredients in it which will surely turn out into a delicacy if made it into a dish. We have thousands of movies which have been a hit in the industry during their period and now listed as classics in the present and ‘woh kaun thi’, is one among them.

Woh Kaun Thi, is a 1964 movie directed by Raj Khosla, who became quite a celebrity after the success of the film. Movie was a blockbuster in the screen and is still listed among the favourites. Though the movie was black and white, the psychological mystery theme had quite an impact upon the audience. At some point of time you will feel like the movie is from the genre of horror but the supernatural touch is only to enrich the psychological theme and let me tell you, the movie did succeed on its theme. The mysterious plot will make your mind confused and the movie will take hold of your mind and will take you according to its script because you would never have a scene which needs to be revised and the innocence of Sadhna and the rigidity of Manoj Kumar has added more meaning to the movie and you will have the most useful 140 minutes of your day.

The storyline is, our young dashing Anand ( Manoj Kumar) is a respectable doctor but was quite unhappy after her girlfriend Seema ( Helen) passed away. Once he was driving back home, he saw a lady (Shadhna) clad in a white sari in the middle of nowhere who was asking for a free ride. He took her but the weather was worsening by every second and the road was not clearly visible. He was surprised when the lady started to give instruction even though nothing was visible and all of a sudden she requested to stop the car as she reached her destination and he saw that the it was middle of nowhere and the only thing that was concrete was the cemetery. She suddenly disappeared when an old man was grief shaken and was asking for help as his daughter was dying. They hurried towards his house and Anand was shocked to discover that the daughter was none other than the lady who has asked for the ride and who was lying dead.

Now the mystery of the lady starts and movie began to captivate the mind of the audience. Indian cinema was at its early stage during that period but there were no limitations on ideas and the industry was on its verge of experimentation. The story continues with the appearance of the villain, Ramesh ( Prem chopra), who appears to be this sweet person full of sugar candy. Anand is still in his distressful mood because he began to see Sandhya quite often and he began to like her even though he knew that she is not worldly. The movie is not just famous for its story but for its soothing music which will no doubt calm your mind and the voice of Lata Mangkeskar will help you clear all your thoughts which have been troubling you the whole day.

Anand was very much distress with his life and on above of that his mother arrange his marriage ceremony with none other than Sandhya. He was not able to solve the mystery of his girlfriend’s death and now he is going to get married to a girl who is dead but still visible and this mystery is the whole movie. The movie has all the elements to keep intrigue you and will make you glued to your sit. Just imagine, how will you react to the situation where someone introduce to someone and who have seen the dead body of that person just few days back, it was happening with Anand in the movie. But he was no boy; he sensed some cooking going on with his lady love. He acted smartly and did not give any whim to anyone that he was plotting. He just went with the flow and waited for the right time.

In the middle of everything, sandhya and Anand have started to have feelings for eachother but none of them expressed. Anand was not able to express his feeling because he knew that something wrong is going on because Ramesh was always on his way of proving him insane in some way or the other and he knew that everthing is related with the mansion because he seems quite a more interested in the good for nothing mansion and as for Sandhya, she has her own mystery which you have to discover by yourself by watching this mind captivating movie. A song will come just before the climax which will make you like the movie all over again. The song is none other than the famous, ’lagja gale ki fir wo haseen raat’. This song has made such a huge fan that we still can see it listed in the chartbuster. No doubt the song is just beautiful, but it may even get you some goose pimples because as the song proceeds, our hero began to come to the conclusion that the lady with whom he is deeply in love may actually be a ghost apparition which looks so worldly.

Now you have to watch the movie to solve the mystery of Sandhya. The movie had been a success and do not worry you would not regret it even now also because the time has not been able to weaken the excellence of this movie. There are many old movies which will outsmart the movies of the present and this movie will not fail on it. Sadhana was nominated for the best actress for this movie and she did deserve it because she is not only beautiful but a great actress and she had done justice to the character of Sandhya. Manoj Kumar was also at his best but he was judged for his expressionless face and he is what he is and he has given his best for the character. The movie was also nominated for the best cinematographer award for the black and white movie and Madan-Mohan for his awesome music. It is believed that ‘lagja gale se phir wo haseen raat’, song was the best song combination of Lata and Madan-Mohan.

Industry was at its early stage during the nineties but the industry was not afraid of experiment and through the course of the experimentation came such mind blowing movies. During those period, the industry does not have all the facilities which we have now but still nineties is considered to be turning period of the film industry and why shouldn’t it not be, the movies which were made during those times were experimenting with the system itself and if those movies were not have a success then there would not have been any industry for Indian movies. ‘woh kaun thi’, was a milestone in the industry as making a psychological mystery movie is a tough area to experiment on because if you make some error in your direction then the audience will drift away and the eagerness of the climax will be ruined.
Indian movies were made for Indian audience and we all know that Indians are famous for their love of family drama and audience often come to get some solutions through all the movies because movies were just the short presentation of every household in a screen smaller than life but this movie does not have any family drama on it because Dhruva Chatterji (writer) has written something different this time but he never knew that it will be accepted so well.

Thus not only the essence of the industry was changing but the thinking of society was changing as well. It can be possible that people started to look for something different as the society itself was going through the stages of evolution and we all know that movies were only a presentation of the life and it’s surrounding through the lens of camera. The choice of movie depends from person from person but ‘who kaun thi’, will not fail to interest the audience because there is not much loopholes which cannot be avoided as the story is captivating and will keep in suspense throughout the movie.

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