'I am madly and deeply in love with you', Harsh said and Aditi was as usual finding her ways of suppressing her feelings for him because she new that she cannot just let him know that she live for him and nothing else matters. Harsh and Aditi were high-school love-birds and till now their love is only increasing day by day. They are in their final year of their MBA and they have decided so much which they will be doing after the completion of their MBA. They new that they are meant for each other, so they have planned everything for themselves, nothing was unplanned for them and they knew that if they live according to their plan then they knew that they have a very bright future.

Aditi's was an orphan and she was financed by her orphanage home and she was not at all misusing the opportunity she was getting because she knew that there is no one for her so she has to stand up for herself so that she do not have to open her arms in front of others. She thinks her fortunate to meet a person like Harsh who would do anything for her and who would protect her in every shades of her life. But somewhere or the other she does doubt upon the opinion of his parents because they belong to such society where girls like her will be cleaning the floor but Harsh always praised her parents that they will agree with every decision he will make and their parents are down to earth, they believe in simplicity. She cannot make my mind for his parents but she have made my mind that she will spend my life with Harsh. She just hope that everything works out accordingly. She will be the luckiest person in the world only when she will be with Harsh. She was kind of hopping for happily ever after.

The has came when Harsh was taking Aditi to meet his parents. both of them were excited but somewhere in Aditi's corner of the heart there was some false hope but she was going with the flow and was hoping for the best. Harsh has got her a yellow sari for this occasion and she knew that she was looking good though she did not like appreciating herself. She was nervous too but Harsh was so positive about everything that she was able to undermine her emotions under his positivity. She was ready way before the schedule time and she was trying hard to control her nervousness, she could hear her own heartbeat so loud that nothing was able to reach to he senses but it was Harsh who wake her up from her unconsciousness. Harsh was as usual looking breathtaking, sometimes she just could not believe that a guy like Harsh, who has a nice heart with good looks and good looks and good looks and a wealthy too. after meeting him, she despised the theory of cliche which says that rich man with good looks never go for something beneath them.

They reached the restaurant and his parents were already waiting for them. Harsh introduced Aditi to his parents and Aditi was surprised to see the simplicity of his parents but she noticed the elegance in their manners. She was surprised to see the menu because the cuisine was unknown to her so she just ordered the simplest food from the menu which seems simple. His parents were asking her about her future plans and all and was supportive enough when she said that she wants to earn after her MBA. They said that nowadays it is a must to have a job so that you do not have to open your arms in front of others and if you have money then everyone will respect you or else you do not even exist. His mother said that Harsh is planning to go to London so that he can apply for some prominent job and she said that with a smile which seems crooked to me but She simply returned a smile to her. After the dessert his parents left us and we were seated alone in the restaurant. She just could not stopped herself from asking her about this London thing. She asked him and the only answer she got was, it was just a conversation and nothing else. 'You know that we are going to apply in Delhi in the same company', Harsh said.

Aditi came to me when she returned from the dinner and told me about everything. She has been sharing everything with me since her childhood days. I was just a simple cook in the orphanage, who was suppose to feed the children who has no one else in their lives. I was not paid much but I find an eternal peace to take care of these children and here I  met Aditi and I became a part of her life. She calls me 'amma' and that is just enough for me. She was looking beautiful today in this yellow sari but she seemed distracted. She came to me and simply rested her head on my lap and slept off. I was tired after few hours but she seems so peaceful in her sleeps that she do not have the heart to wake her up. When I woke up Aditi was already in the kitchen and was helping others for the breakfast. After the breakfast I take her to her room and asked her what is wrong with her. She said that Harsh's parents may not approve for her and she sensed it yesterday very clearly. I told her that it might be true but Harsh would not let her down because even I know that he loves you like anything.

Harsh did not show up for two-three days and she was worried about him. She was restless for every second but she did not want to just show up in his front door. I convinced her that he will surely come tomorrow and forced her to eat something. It was heart breaking to see her like this and seriously if Harsh would leave her than she would me impossible.

After four days he turned up and I could feel the tears to myself. Aditi ran towards him like a kid running towards her mother and Harsh was waiting eagerly to hold her. I excused myself from here to give them some privacy. I went to the kitchen and start preparing some snacks for them and it is the right time to feed Aditi. When I went back to the room Aditi was seating alone near the window and her eyes were moist, I  was surprised to see that Harsh left in such a hurry. I went near her and asked her about Harsh, she told me that his mother is not well and they are taking her to abroad for examination and wanted me to apply for job in Delhi as he would not be able to accompany her as he have to be with his mother. I  can see that she was hurt and now she was determined that Harsh would never come back again and now she have to live her life alone. I was just trying to console her, Harsh's mother enter the room and she wanted to have some talk with her. I left the room but I was standing just behind the door so that I can hear everything and what I heard was not pretty.

Harsh's mother left the room like some queen. I  wanted to say something but I was more worried about Aditi so I rushed into he room and hold her into my arms. She was crying like a baby but I do not try to calm her down because she need to cry it out.

Aditi came out of the room next morning with a luggage and she came to me bid farewell and said that when she will be settled she will come for me and she will never think of Harsh again who did not even have the guts to come up to me to end up the relation. She said that now she will show his family that she will earn and get settled with a person who is much more bigger their family and who would accept my love. She was not sad or unhappy, I  sensed a strong determination inside her which might destroy herself. I tried to stop her but she left like nothing else matters now and not even a storm can stop her now. As soon as she left, Harsh came hurriedly and she was in tears. I told him that she left just now and i told him to find him and bring her back. I waited eagerly for the whole day but none of them came back. It was late so I was just closing the door when I heard the main gate and I ran towards it like a maniac. I saw Harsh but he was alone and he seemed defeated.

He started to cry and told me that his parents were against the marriage because we were in love and a love marriage will become the talk of the society and our society takes love marriage as a taboo and my parents were scared that they will be looked down and they were taking me to London by making excuses but today I came to know the whole plan they were weaving so I  came as soon as possible but now I have lost her and I  would never find her again. He pleaded me to tell me anything if I know about her whereabouts but I was helpless and was trying to control my own tears. Harsh got up and said that he will go and find her and get back to me but I  do not want him to leave in such situation but he left without even listening to what I was pleading for. I was scared for him.

Early morning there was hustle in front of the gate, so hurried myself towards the gate. I  could hear some woman screaming and wailing like a crazy person and when I reached the gate I saw Harsh's mother in a terrible situation, she had been crying her eyes out and her voice was horsed. I  could not understand what is this all about so I called for the gate keeper and inquired about it and what he told me was not at all expected. He told me that police has found the body of Harsh from the road and there was a note with him in which he has accused his parents for ruining his life and cursing Aditi for leaving him this way and now his mother is accusing Aditi for his death. Whatever the guard was saying just flew over my head and I fainted.

I woke up in the hospital and Aditi was lying next to me. I woke her up and saw that she has been crying and was lost in her own thoughts. I  was talking to her but she was not responding, I  shrugged her but she seemed lifeless. I jumped out of my bed and screamed for a doctor. They all rushed in and examined her and they took her out from the room.

It is been a year now and I still wait for friday in every week so that I can meet Aditi in the asylum. She has lost whatever she had and she might still be blaming herself and this might be the reason that she is not recovering.

I  do not understand what is the difference between an arrange and a love marriage  because at the end a couple has to spend their life together, so why is all this restriction upon marriage and what is the benefit for a society where people are tortured to behave according by killing their wants and desire. I am happy that Harsh is no longer a part of this society though he should have fought for his love and it is way better that Aditi is no longer under the restrictions of this  complicated society..


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